KATHRYN JEAN LOPEZ offers good advice to the Congressional Republicans: “Get clean or meet your electoral doom, guys. I wouldn’t care so much (about Republicans losing–taking bribes and lying about it we can all hate) if it weren’t ideas that are ultimately the casualties.”

I’d like to see more ideas and less bribery, please. I have to agree with Ralph Peters’ rather limited case for the GOP: “There’s plenty I don’t like about the Bush administration. Its domestic policies disgust me, and the Bushies got plenty wrong in Iraq. But at least they’ll fight.” They’ve been better than the Democrats on the war, all right. But the Republicans have managed to disappoint even my quite low expectations on many other fronts.

UPDATE: Bill Quick is unhappy, too, but draws a lesson.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Reader Steve Galbraith offers this take on today’s political situation:

The current political situation often reminds me of an old saying by Casey Stengel about how to successfully manage a baseball team.

“The key to managing is keeping the 50% of the players who hate you from talking to the other 50% of the players who aren’t quite sure they hate you.”

Right now, both parties are trying to prevent that roughly 50% of the electorate who hate them from convincing some of that other roughly 50% to join with them in their enmity.

And it’s a pretty close race to the bottom, so to speak.

It would be funny, if it weren’t tragic. Meanwhile, read this lengthy post by Joseph Britt.

MORE: GayPatriot is unhappy, too.

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