CANADIAN GOVERNMENT FALLS: “A corruption scandal forced a vote of no-confidence Monday that toppled Prime Minister Paul Martin’s minority government, triggering an unusual election campaign during the Christmas holidays.”

UPDATE: Damian Penny has been liveblogging it.

And here’s more from Ed Morrissey, who’s been on this story from day one.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Canadian MP Monte Solberg liveblogged the vote from the floor. (Via Kate McMillan).

Austin Bay has more.

MORE: Reader T.J. Marshman thinks that Ed Morrissey deserves credit for bringing down the Candadian government, by breaking the publication ban on the Gomery investigation. Could be! I started to say that before, but didn’t want to be accused of blogger triumphalism.

MORE STILL: Reader Crash Ringenberg emails:

Conservative bloggers have now taken down Dan Rather, Eason Jordan, and the fricken Canadian Government.

Liberal bloggers have taken down Jeff Gannon and Jim Guckert—oh wait, that’s the same person.

Advantage: Conservatives!

Okay, that’s definitely too much triumphalism, even for a guy named “Crash.”

STILL MORE: On the other hand, Richard Riley says that Crash isn’t triumphalist enough: “Crash left out Trent Lott, Harriet Miers and The Bridge to Nowhere.” Though, contra Crash’s point, it’s worth noting that all of those — especially Lott — were bipartisan efforts.