SO I CAME DOWNSTAIRS and my sister-in-law was laughing out loud at this. Understandable, but that screws my plans to give her one for Christmas. . . .

UPDATE: That produced this email from (I assume — the email address is one of those that gives no information) Bryan Fuller Tim Minear*:

I know, I know, I know! Give her this! And though I was the exec producer, I swear I don’t make a dime. But I can promise she’ll dig it. If not, I’ll personally supply Firefly.

Firefly isn’t up her alley. More like stuff off the Independent Film Channel. Though the main thing that this seems to have in common with Firefly is that the fans liked it but Fox seemed to go out of its way to kill it.

* He emailed almost immediately to correct me.

UPDATE: Reader Mara Schiffren emails:

Tim Minear gives you excellent advice. Wonderfalls is wonderfully quirky and funny. And delightful and witty. And most of all, as is rare on tv, intelligent.

And it’s completely different from Firefly or Angel or The Inside, which are his other recent shows. Of all of them, it’s closest to the sensibility of both the IFC and Lileks (in its humor).

And if not for your sister in law, check it out yourself. The Instawife might like it as well, as it develops intelligent psychological portrayals of its characters.

Actually, I ordered it last night.