BUT SHE’S EVIL AND MEAN: McCloskeys: St. Louis Prosecuting Attorney Kim Gardner is ‘Just As Dumb As a Sack of Hammers.’ “Mark and Patricia McCloskey nearly lost their careers and gained felony convictions after standing up to a trespassing mob of Black Lives Matter “protesters” threatening to kill them and burn their house down. That happened thanks to the Soros-funded St. Louis Prosecuting Attorney Kimberly Gardner prosecuting the couple for daring to use their guns to defend themselves and their home in St. Louis’s Central West End. Now Gardner’s facing her own legal problems and the McCloskeys are more than happy to return the favor by lending their support for campaign to remove the non-prosecuting prosecutor.”

Like Colombia back during La Violencia, if she prosecutes you, it pretty much has to be political, since she lets everyone else get away with murder.