THE OPEN SOURCE MEDIA LAUNCH went well. I’m a bit tired — I sent the book revisions back to the publisher Monday night, sent corrected page proofs of an article back to a law review Tuesday, and read rough drafts of student papers on the plane up here last night, sending them back to my secretary via FedEx this morning for distribution to the students tomorrow. Hey, I can use time efficiently, it’s just . . . tiring.

But Ed Driscoll (“Unlike Jeff Goldstein, I’m actually here.”) liveblogged it, as did Dave Johnston and LaShawn Barber. I would have, but they had me seated right down front, where it would have been too obvious . . . .

More later, but Senator Cornyn said all the right things about bloggers and McCain-Feingold and reporters’ shield laws.

And though it’s a light-blogging day for me, that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to read. Check out the Carnival of the Vanities, the Carnival of Feminists, the Carnival of Education, the History Carnival, the Carnival of Liberty, and the Carnival of the Liberated. And I think I forgot to mention the Carnival of the Capitalists earlier, too.

UPDATE: More blogging from the OSM event, here, by Pamela of Atlas Shrugged.