WHY THE REPUBLICANS SHOULD BE WORRIED, and the Democrats should be seizing opportunities: Driving in to work this morning, I heard this guy talking on the Hallerin Hill show, and he noted that he votes for the Republicans because of their stance on money and taxes, but that he agrees with the Democrats on a lot of other issues. If the Democrats would just lose their hostility to the idea of people getting rich, he said, they’d have his votes and millions of others.

I think that’s probably right — and I’d guess that Gene Sperling does too. That’s why, as I suggested in my column yesterday, it’s important that the pro-growth Democrats get a hearing. And while Republicans might prefer that they lose out, the truth is that sooner or later the Dems will be back in, and we’d rather see them sensible on economic matters when they are.

Of course, there’s still the whole national-security issue, which for me is more of a dealbreaker than the economics. But I’d like to see more sense on that front, as well. Karl Rove may prefer the Democrats to chase the Democratic Underground vote and marginalize themselves, but I think the country would be better off if they moved in the other direction.