AMTRAK JOE NOWHERE TO BE SEEN IN OHIO: President Joe Biden has been boasting for years about his reliance upon Amtrak to get to and from his home in Delaware to Washington, D.C. And he has been a faithful advocate on behalf of subsidized rail services for decades.

So one might logically expect him as President to at least put in an appearance in East Palestine, Ohio, at the scene of the horrendous train derailment that has put the hypocrisies of Joe and Transportation “Secretary” Mayor Pete on vivid display.

Noting the multiple Biden administration and mainstream media attempts to blame former President Donald Trump for the disaster and that it was Trump who actually showed up in Ohio, bringing supplies of water and food (plus a timely “I showed up” zinger), Issues & Insights captured the scene rather well, observing:

“Taking a broad swipe at Trump as a substitute for, or diversion from, its apparent indifference to what happened in a community that heavily voted for Trump is both distasteful and expected from an administration from the party that is determined to split this country. Federal attention arrived only when it was demanded by politics. Otherwise, the people of East Palestine were just as good as canceled.”