IF YOU’RE A LAW PROFESSOR CANDIDATE who will be interviewing at the AALS “meat market” this week, be sure to read this advice, which is pretty good. Here’s one tip I think is worth stressing: “Despite the fact that this is a ruthlessly competitive environment, be courteous to absolutely everyone you meet. In the best of all worlds, you will get the law faculty appointment of your dreams, and you can put the meat market unpleasantness safely behind you. Still, your scholarly reputation across the profession will begin at the Marriott Wardman. You will encounter many of your interviewers and many of your fellow candidates in the future, as colleagues at other law schools. Give each of them every reason to respect you when they see you or hear about you again.”

You’ll meet a lot of people at the conference, and a surprising number will remember you years later. Be sure that’s a plus, regardless!