STRATEGYPAGE has more on the Muslim riots in France, Denmark, and elsewhere:

Many of the Moslem migrants, who began to appear in large numbers four decades ago, have not assimilated. Europe has long tolerated this, partly because of a belief in “Multiculturalism” and partly because Europe does not have a tradition of assimilation. This is in stark contrast to the United States, where the “melting pot,” while often operating more like a salad bowl, still results in far less ghettoization than is found in Europe. Another advantage America has is that, in many parts of the country, there are so many migrants that “everyone is a minority.” In Europe, homogeneity is preferred, and those who do not conform, are simply tolerated (and sometimes not) as “outsiders in residence.” That’s where the concept of “ghetto” came from in the first place. The ghetto is quite common the world over, but much less so in America. . . .

After September 11, 2001, when European intelligence agencies took a real close look at their Moslem populations, they were shocked at the percentage that approved of, or supported, Islamic terrorism. It was as high as ten percent in some countries. It was higher among the young, and often unemployed, Moslem males. The riots currently underway in France, Denmark and Britain are all an extension of that. No one has a solution to the problem, except to arrest the hard cases and try to make nice to everyone else. If that doesn’t work, the fires will spread.

Let’s hope it works, then. Ralf Goergens has thoughts, too. So does Shannon Love.

UPDATE: Related thoughts from Victor Davis Hanson.