PHOTOBLOGGING A GLUT OF UNSOLD HUMMERS: Pretty interesting reporting, though I don’t see why it’s Alan Greenspan’s fault. For that matter, I’d say that their rapid loss of marketability isn’t a sign that America is bloated and inefficient, as suggested, but rather that market economies respond quite rapidly to changing circumstances. Hybrid SUVs, after all, are flying off the lots.

It’s also the kind of reporting you’re more likely to see on a blog than in your local newspaper, since blogs don’t have to worry about offending all those ad-buying car dealers.

UPDATE: Linda Seebach emails that I’m unfairly generalizing about newspapers and car dealers, and notes that the Rocky Mountain News recently ran a story about an SUV glut. Perhaps, though I had a friend lose a job for reporting unfavorably on car dealers, and the unwillingness of newspapers to offend the car business is something I’ve hear about in quite a few places. (Then there’s the Tribeca story).

Meanwhile, reader Joe Faughnan thinks this may not be a case of slow sales, but of vehicle stockpiling in anticipation of a Delphi strike.