SECOND INTIFADA UPDATE: Tim Blair has more on the riots in Paris.

UPDATE: Some readers write that this should count as the third intifada. Whatever. Meanwhile, reader David Mosier thinks it’s more than that:

If the rioting goes on for another couple of nights and spreads to other areas of the country, you’ve got 1968 all over again. France is ready to explode, as it was in 1968, and the all-night riots are lighting the fuse. Will Chirac be able to prevent an explosion that shakes the whole country? I doubt it. There’s too much pent up frustration in France, and not just among young Muslims. They might be the group that kicks off the insurrection, but once it’s kicked off, everybody in France with a beef (and that’s everybody)will join in. Just like they did in 1968. University students started it with student strikes in Nanterre (note, not in Paris)and it spread from there. Before it was done, almost every organized, or unorganized,
group in the country had joined in to bring down deGaulle. It would seem Chirac’s time is short. France hasn’t had a proper Gallic explosion since 1968; it’s long overdue.

Interesting. We’ll see.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Reader Jerry Davis emails: “I’m figuring the MSM will start reporting on the riots shortly after they find some way to tie it to our presence in Iraq.”

Good bet.