SO MUCH FOR MY KOZINSKI BOOMLET: Reports are that Bush will nominate Judge Samuel Alito of the Third Circuit.

Orin Kerr: “I’m very pleased.”

Ann Althouse: “I welcome hearing something more substantial about the man than that people call him ‘Scalito’ to signify his similarity to Scalia and because his last name is similar enough to Scalia that people just can’t hear ‘Alito’ without wanting to say ‘Scalito.'”

Kathryn Jean Lopez: “I just got the White House talking points on Alito. Nowhere in them does it say that he is one of the best male lawyers in New Jersey.”

UPDATE: Law Dork notes that Bush is stressing the credentials, this time.

Meanwhile, Patterico says that Alito’s Casey dissent will be the main issue. More on that here, from Shannen Coffin.