I HOPE WE’RE NOT TOO MESSIANIC, OR A TRIFLE TOO SATANIC: CBS Deletes ‘Ready to Worship’ Tweet After Blowback.

Turns out, one of America’s biggest TV networks saying it was “ready to worship!” right before a literally Hellish performance didn’t go over so well. The blowback was quick, with the normal criticism from the left of those who dared to object to what was considered objectionable. Apparently the whole “my feelings are more important than your rights” schtick is a one-way street for leftists. Who would’ve thought it?

But the pressure from those who found CBS’ tweet about Smith’s performance to be unbecoming worked, because by Tuesday morning CBS had deleted its tweet:

Since 1964 at least, I’m sure a certain number of conservatives have viewed CBS as having Satanic leanings. It’s good to see them finally confirm them, if only for a few hours or so. But this nostalgia is even older than that depicted in CBS’s 1970s series, The Waltons. That was a show set 40 years prior, during FDR’s Depression. Smith’s satanic posing has roots dating back over half a century!

UPDATE: Speaking of which:

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