MY FORTHCOMING BOOK has a chapter called “From Media to We-dia” (with an appropriate hat tip to Jim Treacher) and the theme is one I’ve sounded here a lot — about how technology lets individuals do things that only big organizations could do not long ago. I was interviewed the other day by documentary filmmaker Ron Galloway, who’s doing a film on WalMart, and this item from his blog illustrates my point:

We had to edit a trailer for our distributor in a rush the other day, so we ran into the Apple Store in Soho, bought a PowerMac and Final Cut Express, jumped in the car heading for Maryland, and digitized and edited a trailer in the car while riding down the New Jersey Turnpike.

By the time we hit Carlisle, PA it was done. We found a hotel with wifi, and uploaded the 5 minute trailer we had just edited on the road.

You can’t buy that kind of fun.

Actually, you can. And it’s not even all that expensive!

UPDATE: Bob Krumm sounds a cautionary note.