For quite a while, Elon Musk was one of the more popular figures in both technology and pop culture. His was a success story that everyone seemed to be able to get behind. The technology he was developing was seen as a bridge to the future and his generosity to those in need was widely admired. He dared to dream of taking people to Mars in our lifetimes. Even the left seemed to love him. He was making electric vehicles “cool” so he must have wanted to save the climate. His Boring Company was expanding underground rail options. (Public transportation!) You no doubt know the story.

Then it all collapsed when he bought Twitter and dared to challenge the idea that the left could unabashedly censor conservative speech whenever they left like it. Musk became Public Enemy Number 1, or at least somewhere well up on the list. Now Time magazine has decided to launch a broadside at the new Twitter CEO, but not over his social media activities or his Teslas. No, they have Canadian technology writer Paris Marx going after Musk and SpaceX because of his Starlink satellite constellations.

Marx. How ironic. Also, Time still exists?