YEAH, I AM FULL AWARE HOW SILLY AMERICANS ARE ON RACE:  The Idiocy of America’s Racial Classification System.

My view of American-born-and-raised people and their views on race is that Farside cartoon with the penguin bathrooms with identical images and “only they call tell the difference.”

About the third time total strangers approached my family while we were out at something public and asked what race we were because they couldn’t tell I decided the only cure to all of this is Thorazine in the water supply. Either that or filter out the Quaalude.

Look, as my mom said when she visited “Americans. You can’t tell what anyone is. They’re all so mixed.” At the time I added “And proud.” We should still be. The idea our society can have a race war is like lines having a sphere war. You can tell the left is insane because sex, which has a proper, biological definition, they’ve decided is actually a social construct. Meanwhile race, which is a slippery phantom, they want set in stone.