BILL KELLER sends an email to the NYT staff on the Judy Miller case. Shockingly, AP seems to have obtained a copy.

UPDATE: Reader Dave Gamble emails: “Why is it that when the NYT and Judy Miller mis-reported the WMD threat, they made ‘mistakes,’ but when Bush turns out to (arguably) be wrong on the exact same topic and in exactly the same way, he told ‘lies?'”

ANOTHER UPDATE: NYT Editor Vows Not to be Distracted by Scandal.

MORE: Jeff Jarvis comments on Keller’s letter, and on a column by some woman who writes for a private, subscription-only website.

MORE STILL: A reader notes Keller’s repeated use of references to entanglement and wonders what that means. Perhaps we’ll find out.

EVEN MORE: Jake Tapper has more on the Dowd / Miller catfight. It is amusing to see Dowd complaining that NYT staffers are allowed to write all sorts of absurd things without editorial supervision . . . .