JUST FINISHED another episode of Firefly (“Shindig”). People asked me earlier how it compared to Serenity, and I think I’ve seen enough episodes to form an opinion now: The movie was good, but the TV series was better. I hope the rumors of another season done for DVD are true.

UPDATE: Reader Mike Lacy emails:

Thanks for the heads-up on this excellent series. Despite its low-budget woes, Firefly really grew on me. It is very refreshing to see a sci-fi that does not revolve around a high-tech government warship or a quest to save the galaxy.

Aside from the implied libertarian politics, I also enjoy the humor, the dialogue and the chemistry of the crew. The scenes around the dinner table are priceless. Its nice to see a show about loyalty to a
family/crew rather than loyalty to a bureaucracy.

P.S. Wait till you see the “Our Mrs. Reynolds” episode. Heh.

I think it’s next. Related thoughts here. I’m just glad that you can watch shows on DVD so easily now; I much prefer it to tuning in at a fixed time.