OH, PLEASE: Latest Change to The Doomsday Clock Brings Us Closer to Midnight Than Ever. If they were honest, then the clock, which was introduced back during the Cold War when things were vastly more dangerous, would now be set at something like 9AM. But it’s just a PR gadget and has no actual connection with reality.

UPDATE: From the comments: “The Doomsday Clock is closer to midnight than any time in history? That means it wasn’t as close to midnight under Donald Trump! Or in other words, the Doomsday Clock folks are unintentionally endorsing Donald Trump for 2024!”

Heh. Plus: “A Doomsday Clock that has been going on for about 75 years seems to be a little unclear on the concept.”

UPDATE (From Ed): America’s Newspaper of Record reports: Billions Dead As Doomsday Clock Springs Forward For Daylight Saving Time.