PORKBUSTERS UPDATE: Reader Douglas Bass emails:

I attended the weekly caucus of the Minnesota Organization of Bloggers at Keegan’s Irish Pub in Minneapolis tonight. Rep. Mark Kennedy was also in attendance, moving from table to table, and his spokesperson/staffer, the lovely and talented Heidi Frederickson was part of our team for the weekly trivia competition.

We had a good discussion about Tom DeLay, and what his indictment means for the Republican House. Kennedy said “I want to know where the outrage is in the blogosphere. There is only one of the four major caucuses with a rule that says the leader has to step down if indicted.”

I said “I’m not nearly as offended by DeLay’s indictment as I am about that remark about there being no fat in the federal budget.” I then went on to describe some of the pork projects in Minnesota, the Porkbusters website. He seemed to not have been aware of the Porkbusters website at all, which I found somewhat shocking. But at least we’re making some progress, as we not only mentioned it to Rep. Kennedy, but to one of his staffers as well.

This is how to do it. All politics is local. And send ’em to the PorkBusters Wikipedia entry, which sentiment seems to favor retaining.