A DREADFUL LAPSE IN JUDGMENT at the University of Chicago, where Daniel Drezner has been denied tenure. Tenure denials, while dreaded, aren’t career-enders and I expect that Dan will flourish elsewhere, perhaps in a warmer and more hospitable climate. Nonetheless, this sucks.

Advice to people elsewhere: Grab Drezner while you can!

UPDATE: Juan Non-Volokh: “An obvious question is what, if any, impact Drezner’s blogging had on his tenure vote. . . . I’ve often heard academics disparage non-academic writing in terms that suggest it could be a negative in the tenure process, irrespective of the quality of academic work under review. This is one of the reasons I’ve blogged under a pseudonym — and will at least until my own tenure vote — as I want my file, and the work therein, judged on the merits. In my view, that I spend some of my free time blogging is no more relevant to the process than a colleagues’ decision to spend his or her time attending theater, performing in dance recitals, or raising children, but there is no guarantee that one’s colleagues will agree.” No, though it’s a bad reflection on one’s colleagues if they don’t.