ANOTHER LOOMING MIERS DISASTER: This is meant as a defense, but I think it also serves to illustrate that this was a poor choice.

UPDATE: Reader Ben Borwick emails:

i am a regular reader and a fan, but i think you are very wrong on this one….the president has a right to appoint someone he feels shares his judicial philosophy….if that person is qualified, as miers undoubtedly is, all the conservatives who are miffed their own personal favorite wasn’t nominated should accept his decision….all you are doing is helping the democrats score points by portraying republicans as being in disarray…your analysis of miers so far has been petty and unconvincing….if you think she is a liberal why don’t you at least wait for the hearings…the president has a pretty darn good record on appointing judges and people at all levels…i would give him the benefit of the doubt on this one…he needs our support.

Hmm. Well, my worry isn’t that Miers will be too liberal. On the issues that have, say, Robert Bork’s panties in a wad, I’m more liberal than Bush, or Bork, anyway. My question is whether she’s got what it takes to be a Supreme Court Justice. So far, nobody’s shown me much in that department.