I’m ashamed that Lipscomb University, a school I attended for three years, hasn’t stepped forward to reject the $3 million federal subsidy it is supposed to get to build a parking garage, so that money can go to hurricane relief. A wealthy private Christian university really ought not to be asking taxpayers to fund its parking garage.

Lipscomb is currently in the middle of one of those alumni giving drives. I received the pledge/donations mailer just the other day. Until Lipscomb returns the $3 million, or donates it to hurricane relief, I won’t be donating another dime to the school – and I’ll be urging other alumni to take the same stand.

Meanwhile, Ed Morrissey is extending this principle to the United States Senate, and he’s not alone:

My good friend Mark Tapscott of the Heritage Foundation called me today and asked me why I had not yet blogged about Porkbusters. I told him that without having much to contribute that I didn’t want to distract from the effort made by other bloggers. He suggested that I could assist the program by expanding the Not One Dime More effort to Porkbusters … which I think is an excellent idea.

Not One Dime More targeted the National Republican Senatorial Committee for the failure of GOP leadership to get George Bush’s judicial nominees confirmed or even in process. Now we want to target both parties’ Congressional election commitees, the NRCC and the DCCC, by withholding funds while the parties act to protect their pork. For those representatives who refuse to pare the pork, we need to cut off their political oxygen until they turn blue and their campaign chests grow cold. Tell your Congressperson that while they protect the pork we discover, while they continue to vote for budgets with these useless and wasteful projects when the funding could defray the hurricane relief efforts, we will send Not One Dime to their efforts to re-elect their incumbents.

Seems like it would be smart for the GOP to get ahead of this issue, while it still can.