JOHN TABIN thinks that Tom Delay’s departure is a promising development in terms of controlling spending. I think he’s right.

UPDATE: Read this post from the GOP stalwarts at AnklebitingPundits:

The GOP ran against lobbyists. Not specific lobbyists but rather the very idea that “K Street fat cats” (as we called them) were drafting legislation and deciding policy for a decrepit Democrat majority. We ran against corruption, such as Rostenkowski and all that. We were then an anti-Washington party, dismissing the “corridors or power” as a giant piggy bank for the highest bidding special interest groups. Hillarycare was just icing on the cake.

And yet somewhere along the line we became what we despised. . . . Clearly the Congressional GOP has lost much of its bearings, and is turning into the 1992-1993 version of the Congressional Democrats. And the question arises, what’s the point of having a majority if that majority doesn’t stand for anything useful?

The GOP is at serious risk of losing a decisive chunk of its voters to a Perot-style movement.