GAYPATRIOT: “If Iraq is like Vietnam, how come the rallies keep getting smaller?”

UPDATE: Reader Aaron Pastula emails: “And is it me, or are the anti-antiwar protests getting larger? A perfunctory scan of the photo roundups seems to suggest it…”

I don’t know. There were some very large rallies in 2003, but not so many since. There seems to be a new wave of interest, though.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Some protest photoblogging from San Francisco here and here.

And Big Media blogger Jay Fitzgerald writes that he’s embarrassed by the poor quality of the protest coverage he’s seen from the MSM.

MORE: An interesting discussion of numbers in GayPatriot’s comments, but I don’t think there’s any credible argument that they match prewar numbers. It’s also worth noting that no mainstream Democrats are associating with these protests. If there were really broad grassroots support for this stuff, Hillary Clinton, John Edwards, etc. would all be out front. Instead, they’re keeping their (very substantial) distance.