September 23, 2005

PORKBUSTERS UPDATE: Matt Duffy continues to blog his ongoing efforts to get a straight answer on pork from Georgia Sens. Saxby Chambliss and Johnny Isakson, and Rep. Tom Price.

Stay tuned. And if you’re in Georgia, why not give ’em a call yourself (he provides the contact information) — maybe you’ll do better.

UPDATE: Reader David McCune emails:

I don’t think Republicans realize what they are dealing with here. There is now a margin-of-victory-sized block of voters that is up for grabs. I never thought I would say it, but if Nancy Pelosi is the only congressional leader who can dial back government, then maybe I need to re-think my party allegiance. At this point, I believe many small-government conservative are wondering whether the budget might not grow less with a Republican minority trying to slow down a Democrat majority, rather than our current majority trying to outspend the Democrat minority.

Yes, I think that they’re behind the curve on this, and it’s very risky for them. All the Democrats need is a candidate who’s not John Kerry, and they’ve got a shot.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Blogging gets results! Matt Duffy has gotten not one, but two calls back.

MORE: Reader Rob Beile emails:

I just sent this to my congressman, John Shimkus…

When then Gov. Clinton lied to the country about smoking pot by saying “…I didn’t inhale”, I wasn’t angry that he lied to me. I was angry about the way he insulted my intelligence.

By the same token, when Mr. Delay says there’s no pork to cut….


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