ANTHROPIC PRINCIPLE AT WORK: We’ve Never Found Anything Like the Solar System. Is It A Freak in Space?

Speaking of which, I wonder if Frank Tipler is still an InstaPundit reader.

UPDATE: Tipler emails:

OF COURSE I still read Instapundit!

And I still think we are the only intelligent beings ever to evolve in the universe. Someone has to be first, and it’s us. It’s uninhabited, unclaimed property out there.

Our descendants will one day sweep out from this planet, engulf the entire universe, and control the entire universe.

The Earth is the womb of life, but one cannot remain in the womb forever.

It would be fatal to try.

The Earth is doomed. If nothing else, the Sun will, in its death, destroy the Earth and its biosphere — unless our descendants prevent it. And they will.

Using physics, I know now how to PROVE (Reports on Progress in Physics 2005) that our descendants will eventually gain control of the entire universe, and they will use this control to ensure the entire biosphere survives.

Humanity is currently the spearhead of the biosphere.

If the Laws of Physics be for us, who can be against us?

No one. Except maybe the Greens. (Bumped).