FREE SPEECH, REALLY? Excellent roundup by Nick Givas of Just the News of the recent revelations from the Twitter Files of the multiple ways in which Big Government and Big Tech cooperated in suppressing unapproved speech.

And Givas quotes this from former New Jersey Democratic Sen. Robert Torricelli:

“We’ve entered into this period of American history where the range of permissible thought and speech has so narrowed that if you depart from it at all you are, you’re labeled, you are censored, and you are silenced. It’s incredibly dangerous.

“And the odd thing about it is the very institutions which have been the safeguard of American free thought and speech — American universities, think tanks, the media — are the worst offenders.”

Instapunditeers will recall that Torricelli’s departure from the Senate was not a happy one, dropping his re-election bid in 2002 amid accusations of corruption. Perhaps with time has come new wisdom?