September 21, 2005

RAY KURZWEIL’S BOOK comes out tomorrow. Here’s a post on Kurzweil by Tyler Cowen (“It is no longer intellectually acceptable not to know his major arguments.”). And here’s a review from Kirkus. And here’s my interview of Kurzweil.

UPDATE: More thoughts from Matthew Yglesias. And from Kevin Drum. (I liked this comment, which echoes this column.) The blogosphere is certainly buzzing.

ANOTHER UPDATE: More blogosphere buzz here: “The book might alternatively be titled ‘The Modern Futurist Consensus: a Review’ . . . My own two cents thrown into the ring say that the class of future portrayed in TSiN is something of a foregone conclusion. It’s quite likely that we’ll all be wildly, humorously wrong about the details of implementation, culture and usage, but – barring existential catastrophe or disaster – the technological capabilities discussed in TSiN will come to pass.” There’s much more.

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