September 20, 2005

PORKBUSTERS UPDATE: Howard Kurtz has picked up on the porkbusters effort and given it an extensive plug, though he’s pretty skeptical as to whether it will make a difference.

He may be right, of course, but it seems to me that we need to try. I also think that pork-barreling thrives through lack of transparency and scrutiny, and that we can work on that. Transparency and scrutiny are what the blogosphere is best at.

Speaking of which, the Porkbusters page has been updated, with lists of members of Congress and whether they’ve committed to cut pork. (Basically, no, at the moment). The list also has links to their webpages so that you can call or email them and ask why not.

Is it enough? Who knows, but it’s what we can do, and it can’t hurt.

UPDATE: Mark Tapscott says the porkbusters approach is gaining momentum and notes Congressional action and media agreement.

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