A RADICAL PROPOSAL: America, We Can Choose Not to Tolerate Weirdos.

This is because weirdos come with a lot of baggage – if you’ll pardon the expression – that makes it very likely they will perform their jobs poorly. Look at that nuclear waste of space. Who is surprised that this bizarre person has BOLOs out across the globe for knicking women’s check-ins? Do you look at this dude and think, “Oh, here’s the kind of cool, steady hand I want guarding piles of plutonium”? Yeah, he just got fired, but why the hell was he/she/they/xip/xap/xorp ever hired?

Will this cause a rethink? Of course not. The guy is a nut. Except we’re told we can’t say that because … well, it will make the nuts feel bad. But they are still nuts whether we say it or not.

If they don’t feel bad for being nuts, will they ever have any incentive to change?

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