THEN THERE’S JENNIFER GRANHOLM: Biden’s energy secretary is lauding her department for awarding $200 million to Microvast Holdings to aid its construction of a new lithium battery factory in Tennessee. Hooray for the emerging American clean-energy industry, Granholm said, promising that the grant and factory will  “supercharge the private sector to ensure our clean energy future is American-made.”

But guess what Alana Goodman of the Washington Free Beacon found after a little perfunctory digging?

“While the DOE described Microvast as a ‘majority U.S.-owned company, traded on NASDAQ’ and ‘headquartered in Stafford, Texas,’ financial records show the company operates primarily out of China.

“Microvast itself says the Chinese government ‘exerts substantial influence over the manner in which we must conduct our business activities and may intervene, at any time and with no notice.’ The company was also recently added to a Securities and Exchange Commission watchlist of Chinese companies that are on track to be delisted from NASDAQ for failing to comply with U.S. auditing requirements.”

In other words, Granholm (and, unless he fires her, her boss as well) just plain flat-out lied to America.