CALLING PARENTS TERRORISTS KINDA POISONED THE WELL: Department of Education disbands national parents council after parental rights groups sued.

Sure, it’s all fun and games between parents and administrators until parents actually show up at school board meetings and voice concerns over the agendas of the teacher unions that permeate schools. Then those parents speaking out are labeled by the DOJ as domestic terrorists and MUST.BE.SHUT.DOWN! How dare parents ask questions of administrators and expect answers. The funny thing is Secretary Cardona thinking that the PTA was a terrific voice for support. . . .

One thing the pandemic did, though, was to open the eyes of parents about what goes on in schools. Online learning showed the lesson plans and what was being taught in the classroom and parents didn’t like it. The silver lining to the pandemic lockdowns that closed up schools, many for over a year, is that parents are newly invigorated to be active in their children’s lives at school. And, thanks to enthusiastic parents, changes are happening. Look what happened in Virginia – that blue/purple state turned mostly red and elected Glenn Youngkin as governor in 2021 because he tuned in with parents and focused on a message of parental rights.

The same thing happened with Cardona’s National Parents and Families Engagement Council. It was overreach that only went one way so parental groups complained. And, they filed lawsuits. The council was called a Potemkin Village.

To be fair, only because it was.