BIDEN DENIES FLORIDA emergency FEMA funds. “What the state was asking for was an expansion of Section 403: Emergency Protective Measures for Sheltering in Home for Recovery Continuation (SHRC) RFI Response. It would turn loose FEMA dollars to help the state pay for temporary home repairs – tarps, roofs, safe utilities, etc – so folks could live safely in their still damaged homes, instead of in communal shelters, or face the prospect of being homeless while desperately looking for somewhere to live. The damage is so widespread, there are no rentals nor enough FEMA trailers/temp shelters to be had.”

Nope. Nothing for you, Florida man. “For all Biden’s bluster about how important the folks here in FL were before the election. . . FEMA has hardly been covering itself in glory from the minute they set their little tents up. What a cluster. They’ve got the government circle jerk down pat.”

Well, FEMA.