If I were doing it today and all, I’d have named it something else, like Uprising, maybe. But… At the time the pun appealed to me. Ah well, mistakes made. And we all have decades of derpitude to cross to get to our present derpy selves.  Anyway#COMMISSION EARNED.

A Few Good Men (Darkship Thieves Book 3) by [Sarah A. Hoyt]The blurb for this might be the suckiest thing I’ve ever written, as I did it last night, after becoming exhausted fighting Amazon’s new “hard cover uploading thing” (I wish they’d stop with the improvements.)   So, I’m not going to copy it here. I’ll probably rewrite it tomorrow if the great coughening brought on by bp meds has receded enough to allow me to sleep (I can hope.)

But…  So, almost 10 years ago, I was sitting in my office while Dan fretted about us being late to the local convention in town, (I was metaphorically SOCMOB (standing on a corner, minding my own business)) when these two bad dudes got into my head and started telling their story. I made my poor husband very nervous as I had to capture the voice before I left. And I came in halfway through a panel. I’m a great trial to my poor husband.

I’d been doing a deep dive into the history of the American Revolution, and The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress is more or less a perennial re-read. And then–  Well, I was having really bad feelings. 2012, you know?  So we go to a future where America is only a vague memory. Only tatters and ravelings in the wind. But there are these proscribed, persecuted people — USAians, from the term that, back then, foreigners called us on blogs, trying to rile us up — who carry scraps of flag that flew over the USA while it was still a sovereign republic. And they memorize our founding documents.

And in this book, in the strangest possible way, at the worst possible time, and at the hands of the most unlikely of agents…  None of them ready, none of them perfect, none of them clean, the time has come.

“Your life, your fortune, your sacred honor. Did you think those were just words. Did you think it was just a game?”