August 28, 2005

HERE’S A NEW ORLEANS WEBCAM — at the corner of St. Charles & Napoleon — that’s still working.

UPDATE: Some unpleasant thoughts about quality of life in the Superdome.

If the worst happens -and at this point it seems implausible that it won’t- the bottom 2 stories will fill with water. Dirty nasty foul water full of chemicals and raw sewerage. Further the bathroom facilities are only expected to function for the first day.

So in rough terms, 40,000+ people will be trapped in a building with no plumbing, little light and no air conditioning. The temps after the storm rolls thru will probably be in the low 90s. Considerably hotter in the building.

Let’s just hope that people are in a position to worry about that. Heck, let’s hope that the “implausible” happens and New Orleans doesn’t flood.

UPDATE: As of 6:16 Eastern time, the webcam is still working.

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