August 28, 2005

STREAMING VIDEO from WWL-TV in New Orleans. (Via Jordan Golson).

There’s lots of news at Storm Digest, too, and at the breaking news blog. And Terry Teachout has updated the post I mentioned earlier with a big list of hurricane bloggers.

Michele Catalano, meanwhile, is pretty unimpressed with the people who decided to stay in New Orleans and party through the hurricane. And Rob A. notes that Katrina is a Cat 5 while Andrew was only a 4: “Since I work in insurance, I can assure you that Andrew still scares the crap out of the entire industry.” [LATER: Several readers email to note that subsequent analysis led to Andrew being upgraded to a Cat 5.]

Jeff Masters at Weather Underground is worried. (Via SciGuy).

UPDATE: Reader C.J. Burch emails: “Michele is on the money. Evil Knevil wouldn’t stay in New Orleans right now. Everyone that prays should offer one for the gulf coast right now.”

Except for James Wolcott, I guess, who presumably is praying to Gaia as usual for an increase in wind speeds and storm surge. Me, I’m not as big a fan of “Mother Nature’s fist of fury.” Either as reality, or as really cheesy writing . . ..

MORE: Evacuations in coastal Alabama and Mississippi.

STILL MORE: A million left homeless? Gaia-worshippers will be ecstatic.

More here, from Bill Hennessy.

Huge Katrina link roundup over at Pundit Guy.

MORE STILL: Wolcott has pulled the roooting for hurricanes / fist of fury post, and is receiving praise from some quarters: “Some bloggers will no doubt criticize Wolcott for pulling the post, but it was the right move, and a classy one. It’s easy to make a bad joke. It’s a lot harder to admit it was bad.”

LATER: Hmm. Wolcott says he pulled the post, but it’s still there.

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