THE HUMAN COST OF GOVERNMENT CENSORSHIP: Mention government censorship and the first thing that comes to mind for most of us will likely be the First Amendment’s guarantee of freedom of speech. Protecting the First Amendment is a top priority concern of HillFaith.

The creation of art, religious and otherwise, is a form of speech, too, and that means when the government decides what art can be created and what can’t be, then freedom of speech is dying. Too often these days, the human cost of injury to freedom of speech includes having to endure threats of harm from those who disagree with your art.

Lorie Smith of 303 Creative, a graphic arts firm near Denver, knows all about that kind of fear. She will soon be in the Supreme Court seeking affirmation of her right to express her religious belief through her art — and to not be compelled to use her artistic talents to express beliefs she does not share.

This is a Supreme Court case that should be of interest to all of us who are concerned about individual liberty. Smith is being represented by the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), which has previously won multiple landmark cases in this arena.

There will be a rally in support of Lorie Smith and every American’s artistic freedom on December 5 on the steps of the Supreme Court in the nation’s Capital. The rally begins at 8 am and will continue through noon.

Instapunditeers who live in or near the Washington, D.C. region are invited to join in the rally. I’ll be there and it would be great to meet many of you in person. In the meantime, Happy Thanksgiving!