BIDEN AGREES U.S. TO PAY ‘CLIMATE REPARATIONS:’ I couldn’t believe the headline when I first read it either, but Hans Bader at Liberty Unyielding has the facts of what could turn out to be the most damaging of Biden’s countless damaging decisions. Here’s why:

“Third-world litigants will point to this agreement to say they they are entitled to compensation for billions or trillions more under ‘customary international law.’ They will use this concession to try to sue American businesses or the U.S. for vastly more money than Biden has agreed to pay, based on the idea that the U.S. has now admitted it and its citizens are at fault. International tribunals and ‘human rights’ bodies sometimes issue rulings based on ‘customary international law,’ vague principles based on the international ‘consensus’ of enlightened people across the globe,” according to Bader.

And China? No such reparations agreement.