A TWITTER FILES FOOTNOTE: “The Twitter Files reveal the suppression of the New York Post’s reporting on Biden family corruption at the behest of the deep state authorities with whom Twitter was collaborating. The absurd letter by 51 former intelligence officials reported by Natasha Bertrand and published by Politico was a key piece of the puzzle (to the extent it was a puzzle). Holman Jenkins takes it up in his Wall Street Journal column ‘Hunter Biden’s Laptop and 2020’s First Big Lie.’. He puts it this way: ‘The absurdity of the intelligence veterans’ claim was obvious at the time. The people who run America’s major news outlets (at least those who aren’t idiots) knew it. So obvious was the lie that America’s biggest news organizations have to remain silent now because of their own complicity.'”

For all their bleating about “our democracy,” America’s ruling class was so eager to shut down Donald Trump’s presidency that they were willing to do root-structural damage to that very democracy to do so, at the cost of destroying tens of millions of Americans’ faith in our institutions’ basic fairness and honesty. On the other hand, it’s now clear that that faith was misplaced.

And now they turn to making Elon Musk public enemy #1, because they hate and attack any effective resistance.