August 25, 2005


CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (AP) — Increased bonuses, advertising, relaxed qualifications and more recruiters are being credited by Tennessee National Guard and Army recruiters for rising enlistments. . . .

Wenzler said the National Guard will likely finish about 300 recruits short of its goal of 1,600, but that enlistments are up from last year.

Meanwhile, Rich Hailey has thoughts on why re-enlistments are running so high:

First time enlistments are running a bit behind, another product of a burgeoning economy, but re-enlistments, even from soldiers in combat zones, are running ahead of expectations.

What does it mean when the guys in the thick of it, closest to the action, at risk, on the ground and looking at things with their own eyes, decide to stay for another hitch?

They must believe in what they’re doing.


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