IF I DID EVERYTHING AS I’M SUPPOSED TO, THIS SHOULD BE ON SALE FOR 99c:  Draw One In The Dark (The Shifter Series Book 1.


(This is the beginning of my normal annual sale between my Birthday and Christmas. Remember that you can buy now and have it delivered on Christmas day to someone’s kindle.)

Draw One In The Dark (The Shifter Series Book 1) by [Sarah A. Hoyt]
Something or someone is killing shape shifters in the small mountain town of Goldport, Colorado.
Kyrie Smith, a server at a local diner, is the last person to solve the mystery. Except of course for the fact that she changes into a panther and that her co-worker, Tom Ormson, who changes into a dragon, thinks he might have killed someone.
Add in a policeman who shape-shifts into a lion, a father who is suffering from remorse about how he raised his son, and a triad of dragon shape shifters on the trail of a magical object known as The Pearl of Heaven and the adventure is bound to get very exciting indeed.
Solving the crime is difficult enough, but so is — for our characters — trusting someone with secrets long-held.