JOE BATTENFELD: Donald Trump’s Possible Path to the Republican Nomination in 2024.

Despite the midterm election disaster and Democrats doing a victory dance, there still could be a path for Donald Trump to win the 2024 Republican nomination.

He will face incredible obstacles and even a possible indictment, but Trump could turn those negatives into a plus and emerge once again as a national GOP threat. Can all the negativity around Trump somehow help him win the nomination?

Recent polls continue to show Trump and President Biden locked in a close battle in a 2024 matchup, so the former president starts essentially even.

If Biden won such a big mandate – as Democrats claim — in the 2022 midterms then why is Trump still so close? . . . And if Trump is such damaged goods then why are Democrats even fearful of him running? You’d think they’d be egging Trump on to run.

Why, indeed?