August 20, 2005

MATOKO KUSANAGI posts a novel critique:

I grow increasingly weary of the Instapundit’s unwavering and unjustified chirpy optimism over the stem cell controversy. Link after link burbles that soon we won’t have to bruise a single solitary feeling among the “culture of life” crowd, because we’ll be able to do it all with adult stem cells, or cord blood cells, or placental cells. feh.

Hmm. This doesn’t seem to me to be a very accurate rendering of what I’ve said on the subject — generally cautioning against too much enthusiasm for adult stem cells and the like — which tends to generate rather a lot of criticism from the “culture of life” folks. I also find the suggestion that I’ve been too kind to Leon Kass and the White House Bioethics Council a bit odd (when I called the Council the Carmen Electra of the Executive Branch, that wasn’t a compliment, notwithstanding Ms. Electra’s undeniable charms). I guess this just demonstrates that you can’t please everybody. Or that not everybody reads the posts carefully.

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