August 17, 2005


WaPo’s Robin Wright, who has been sneering from the sidelines throughout the Iraq war, recently co-wrote a much-noticed article, “U.S. Lowers Sights on What Can Be Achieved in Iraq.” Am I the only person who found it thin and unconvincing?

No, and I meant to post something, but was still in post-vacation semitorpor and let it by. Kaus, however, has taken up the slack admirably.

At most, I think this article boils down to some people realizing that democratization is a process, not an event, which is scarcely news to InstaPundit readers.

Related post on constitutional-convention problems, here.

UPDATE: Reader Ryan Kelley emails:

That article from Wright on 8/14 had the oil production at 2.22 mil bpd. According to this article from 8/15 the total just went up to 2.3 mil bpd just for -southern- Iraq. It’s another 400-550k in Northern Iraq.

That puts it between 2.7 and 2.85 mil bpd which is higher then the pre-war high cited by Wright of 2.67 mil bpd. Significantly higher if it’s at the high end.


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