November 11, 2022

EVAN MCMULLIN IS A LYING, GRIFTING TOOL WHOSE BEHAVIOR STAINS HIS SUPPORTERS: ‘Not at all how the call went’: Sen. Mike Lee’s son calls McMullin’s bluff.

In a subsequent Facebook post and tweet, McMullin claimed he told Sen. Lee, “I truly hope that he upholds his oath to the Constitution during his upcoming term.”

Lee’s son John retorted via Twitter: “That is not at all how the call went. I was there. Both candidates were surprisingly cordial. For once, you didn’t take the typical pedantic tone — I was surprised how kind the exchange was. And then you turned around and tweeted this. You have lied and deceived until the very end.”

McMullin is an encapsulation of what’s wrong with our political class. Unprincipled, sanctimonious — yes, this time it sticks — and willing to say anything to bring in the grift.

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