THIS IS STUPID AND WRONG: Trump lashes out at ‘Ron DeSanctimonious’ (again). Not only is it dumb to be attacking a highly successful Republican out of what looks like pure ego, but “DeSanctimonious” is a total failure as a linguistic kill shot. Trump has launched some devastating ones, but when they work it’s because they encapsulate something that’s obviously true about the target, and that people have been unwilling to say. Here, DeSantis isn’t sanctimonious at all — that would be, say, Mitt Romney, for those who remember him — and it just falls flat. Besides, he’s already been called (also falsely) “DeathSantis” by the media, so this just seems weak by comparison.

Sorry, but Trump is off his game here.

UPDATE: And now he’s going off on Glenn Youngkin too on Truth Social. Why?