MATT MARGOLIS: This Explains the Lack of a Red Wave More Than Anything Else.

All the fundamentals were in the Republicans’ favor, yet while the GOP is still on track to win the majority in the House and maybe eke out a 51-seat majority in the Senate, the red wave many of us were expecting didn’t happen.

There are many theories about why the elections played out as they have. Many believe it was a lack of quality candidates, or the issue of abortion, or even Donald Trump. But on Wednesday, Tucker Carlson of Fox News offered his explanation for the Republican Party’s dismal midterm election results despite a favorable environment — and it makes perfect sense.

“[T]he mechanics of an election. They matter. In fact, they matter sometimes more than any individual running in the election. The way people vote makes a big difference to the outcome,” he explained.

Case in point: Pennsylvania.

The GOP has always been awful on this. Part of that was due to a consent decree that has since been dissolved, but they haven’t changed. Too worried about being called racists by people who call them racist to manipulate them.