UM, NO? Zoom Meetings Are Coming to a Tesla Near You.

Many of us are living in a remote work world now, which means we now sit through endless video meetings instead of piling into boardrooms. Tesla hopes to turn your car into another meeting space, announcing that Zoom would soon come to its EVs’ infotainment systems.

The feature was revealed at a Zoom product conference, not by Tesla. That said, Elon Musk previously confirmed that in-car meetings were coming, so this isn’t a total surprise. Zoom pulled back the curtain on the tech at the Zoomtopia 2022 event.

Tesla has come up with plenty of useful features, but just as many of its quirky “innovations” are less clever. Despite that, and the fact that it’s easy to pile on Tesla, this actually looks like a helpful feature. The teaser video from Drive Tesla Canada shows a person using the feature while charging their Tesla, allowing them to make use of otherwise dead time.

I’m not sure the ability to have work meetings while you’re forced to wait on your car is a good selling point.