“I’M SICK OF LOSING, I HOPE YOU ARE TOO.” We’re going to see a lot of this in the coming days, along with “how could the polls be so wrong?” But the GOP and conservatives should stop beating themselves up about “losing the election” and start beating themselves up about the fact they have done virtually nothing to ensure the election is legitimate and the votes are real. Meanwhile the Feds have been “fortifying” the crap out of them and refusing to give any details about it (which is totally what you would do if you were on the up-and-up). Consider this: after 2 solid years of nonstop “January 6! Death of democracy! Election denier!” propaganda and censorship, CNN’s exit poll finds that only 63% of voters thought 2020 was a legitimate election:

People know the system is total baloney. Yet the GOP does little or nothing to fix it, even to help itself! At some point, we have to assume this level of loserdom is deliberate.